What is the structure and control principle of household oil press?


The structure of the household oil press machine : consists of a power part, a pressing part and a blanking part, wherein the power part provides power for the pressing part and the blank part, respectively, and the pressing material (such as peanut) from the blanking part into the pressing part. , rapeseed, etc.) is pressed out of vegetable oil.

1 Add the processed press material (the raw material that needs hot pressing should be heated beforehand) to the hopper.

2 Then start the oil press machine, the oil can enter the pressing; the oil is rotated by the screw press to push the oil forward and press.

3 There is a large frictional resistance between the oil material and the press bar, the oil material and the pressing, so that friction between the oil materials can occur, causing relative motion.

4 As the diameter of the press bar gradually increases and the pitch gradually decreases, when the press bar rotates, the push oil can continuously push forward and can be turned outward;

5 Due to the rotation of the reduced diameter screw press, the advance speed of each embryo in the press is not the same, but the movement direction is the same, so there is also relative movement between the oils, the relative movement between the oils, the heat generated by the friction It also satisfies the heat necessary for the operation of the oil pressing process, helps to promote the thermal denaturation of the protein in the oil, increases the plasticity, and reduces the viscosity of the oil, so that the oil in the oil is precipitated, thereby improving the oil filtering of the oil press. The oil in the oil is squeezed out and flows out from the oil drain to complete the oil extraction process.


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