Tips for Avoiding Abnormal Phenomena in Oil Press Equipment


How to avoid abnormalities in the new oil press equipment? The oil yield and quality of the oil are not only related to the various procedures in the pretreatment process of the oil, but sometimes the oil press equipment itself will have some abnormal phenomena, which directly affect the pressing.

The new oil press machine no oil or less oil can be squeezed . The methods to solve the abnormal phenomenon are:

The reason is that the surface of the chamber is rough

The rough surface of the press chamber and the press rod of the new type of oil press equipment is also one of the reasons why the machine does not produce oil or produces less oil.

There are two ways to solve this problem:

1 Before use, sand the working surface of the pressed rod and the chamber  with sand cloth to remove rust and increase the finish.

2 When using, put the unformed oil residue into the oil press and open the machine for pressing.

Too small clearance between squeezing bars

The edges and corners of the new press strip are obvious and sharp, and the clearance of the new press strip is smaller than that of the press strip. Therefore, when using a new press, the thickness of the gasket should be increased appropriately, and the gap between the strips should be enlarged, which will prevent the phenomenon of no oil or less oil production.

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