The effect of oil press on oil output

  1. Pressing process: Practice has proved that under normal circumstances, the use of “hot pressing method” is obviously superior to cold pressing in terms of oil output efficiency and economic benefit. The use of “cold-pressing method” will increase the number of presses, greatly reduce the daily processing capacity, increase the residual oil rate of dry cakes, significantly increase the power consumption, and reduce the economic benefits. It should also be pointed out that when cold pressing is adopted, the head cake of the pressing is not easy to be broken due to the high moisture content of the oil material; in the second pressing, it is easy to be overhead in the hopper, affecting the feeding and stirring frequently, and the operation is troublesome and the benefit is not good. Therefore, the “hot press method” should be used whenever possible.                                                                                   

2, the essence of the pressing press pressure oil extraction method is to apply pressure to the embryo to remove the oil. The main reasons affecting the pressure of the pressing are the thickness of the cake, the amount of the feed and the quality of the pretreatment (into the water and temperature). The thickness of the cake is important to the oil output efficiency. The thicker the cake, the smaller the pressure of the pressing, the smaller the load, and the lower the oil production efficiency; on the contrary, the thinner the cake, the higher the oil production efficiency. However, when it is ultra-thin, it will increase the load on the machine and cause an accident. The amount of feed should be controlled at a moderate flow rate to avoid a “bridge” phenomenon and maintain a normal and stable squeeze pressure.

3, pressing time: pressing time problem, according to long-term observation, the longer the continuous pressing time, the higher the benefit ratio, so the oil should be concentrated as much as possible.

  1. Influence of the material structure. The material structure refers to the mechanical structure and internal and external structure of the material. The structural properties of the material mainly depend on the quality of the pretreatment (mainly steaming) and the composition of the oil itself. General requirements of the structure. The size of the pressed material should be appropriate and consistent. The consistency of the internal and external structure of the pressed material is good. The smaller the number of intact cells in the pressed material, the better. The bulk density of the pressed material is larger without affecting the internal and external structure. Good. The viscosity and surface tension of the oil in the pressed material are required to be as low as possible, and the pressed particles have sufficient plasticity.

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