The disadvantage of vacuum oil filter

The composition of the complete oil press equipment:

The new type of wok: the steam produced by the water of the oil itself is used to steam and fry the oil material, soften the plant cellulose, prevent the high temperature carbonization of the oil, reduce the amount of slag in the oil extraction process, and make the oil rate higher and the oil clearer.

Two type of oil press machine: screw oil press machine and hydraulic oil press machine.


Centrifugal oil filter: It is a device for filtering oil. Centrifugal oil filter is the principle of stratifying different materials by using the centrifugal principle to rotate the motor at high speed. When the centrifugal oil filter is filtering, the filter residue will adhere to the inner wall of the inner cylinder, and the oil will be in the inner layer. When the motor stops running, the oil will flow out first.

The vacuum oil filter is a series of equipment in the oil press. It is equipped on the main unit of the oil press. It can be used for filtering while pressing. What are its advantages and disadvantages?



The strength of the vacuum oil filter, such as the ability to remove moisture from the oil, can effectively remove impurities in the oil, and is highly efficient. High cost performance, can effectively reduce the use of various insulating oils and hydraulic oils. Save the company money on machine oil. It is undeniable that these are indeed the advantages of vacuum oil filters, but also the tangible benefits that vacuum oil filters can bring to us. But what are the shortcomings of the vacuum oil filter? We will give us a good talk this time:

First of all, the vacuum oil filter heating system needs to be improved. Today’s heating system is also relatively high in heating power, but it still needs continuous improvement and energy consumption. What is needed is a heating system with higher heating power and lower energy consumption.

Secondly, the water removal function of the vacuum oil filter has to be improved. Now, the water removal function of the oil filter still needs to be improved, especially for some customers, there is a particularly high demand for water removal power.

Third, now we are using the filter to remove impurities, usually we can handle the impurities of 1, 2 u, but if it continues to be smaller, to the nanoscale additional particles, such as various dissolved in water Salt is something that vacuum oil filters can’t. It is necessary to completely remove the impurities in the oil. Then you can fully restore the function of the oil. It must be an infinite gospel about saving oil in the future.

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