The difference between cold press and hot press
The cold press is put raw material into oil press machine directly after screening for pressing without heated, the hot pressing means that the oil is pressed after material being heated by roasting. I will introduce you to the differences, advantages and disadvantages of these two processes of oil press.
LY-129 hot&cold oil press machine
The advantages of cold pressing: It has natural characteristics and avoids the adverse effects of traditional high temperature oil processing. The natural flavor and color of the oil are retained in the cold pressed product oil. and completely preserves the physiologically active substances in the oil (vitamin E has anti-aging function, sterol has a skin-friendly effect and enhances the body’s metabolic function). It is the choice of a healthy life due to the cold-pressed oil has the original flavor. The disadvantages of cold pressing: Most of oil material are not suitable for cold pressing. Such as soybean, canola, cottonseed, peanuts and sesame, The soy flavor contained in soybean oil, the spicy taste in canola oil, the gossypol toxin in cottonseed oil and the aflatoxin in the metamorphic oil must be refined before being removed. The scent of sesame oil and fragrant peanut oil must be obtained through hot pressing. The raw materials of the cold press must be selected, otherwise the cold press will be affected by the different maturity of the raw materials and the harmful substances contained in the raw materials, for example, it will have a serious impact on the quality of cold pressed oil when aflatoxin in moldy oil and gossypol toxin in cottonseed. Generally speaking, the cold pressing smoke point is low and the water content is unstable, which is not conducive to long-term storage. Output of Cold pressing generally needs to be pulverized can go up., and sometimes it has to be pressed twice or three times. The hot press can be squeezed out oil clear, which is the first time to press the oil, but some manufacturers have directly modified the model and used it directly for oil extraction. No other equipment is needed.
The advantages of hot pressing: the taste of hot press oil is pure and fragrant, especially the sesame peanuts are rich in oil. The disadvantage of hot pressing is that it will foam when it is fried in the pot when it is not treated, but it can be solved by simple treatment.
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