The difference between coconut oil

Coconut meat before cold pressing


The raw material used in virgin coconut oil is fresh coconut copra. High-quality coconuts are selected from the specific coconut tree species – the native coconut tree, rather than the coconut tree that has been crossed after modern scientific development. At the same time, the coconut itself must not be contaminated or poor quality. Do not use high temperature during processing, and never use any chemical solvents to maintain natural flavor and avoid loss of nutrients. As a result, the virgin coconut oil retains coconut aroma. Moreover, coconut oil is processed from white coconut meat, high-quality coconut oil should be transparent and colorless when it is in a liquid state; it should be white as snow when it is in a solid state. This coconut oil is also usually the most nutritious and healthiest virgin coconut oil. If the temperature of the virgin coconut oil is too high, the oil will be yellowish and the aroma will be heavy. This is like the sesame oil that we usually use in our daily life. It is raw and squeezed, and it has been fried and squeezed. It has become the “scented oil” we often say.


Refined coconut oil, as its name suggests, is deeply processed. It is necessary to refine at high temperature, then discolor and deodorize. Moreover, unlike virgin coconut oil, the coconut raw material used in refined coconut oil is dried whole coconut. The quality of coconut used in refined coconut oil is high and low, new coconut, coconut, and coconut. Before processing, first knock the coconut open, dry the coconut meat in the sun, or dry it in a high temperature furnace. Coconuts that are sun-baked in the sun are often thrown on the ground for a few days or more before they begin processing. It is conceivable that this dried coconut meat will contain a lot of bacteria and mold. However, this coconut oil is sterilized during processing. Sometimes, the manufacturer also uses chemical solvents to get the maximum oil yield and remove the contaminants contained in the oil. The oil processed in this way is colorless and tasteless.


Different grades of coconut oil

Refined coconut oil is divided into different grades according to the degree of processing. The best refined coconut oil, colorless and odorless; the second-class refined coconut oil is slightly yellowish in color and has some odor. The lowest coconut oil, the oil color is dark yellow, the taste is very heavy, but this taste is not the scented coconut flavor of virgin coconut oil, and even some chemical solvent taste. The lowest refined coconut oil is often used as a skin care ingredient for soaps and cosmetics, and sometimes as a vegetable oil. This oil is harmless to the body and can be eaten, but the taste is worse than other grades of coconut oil.

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