the common oil material for screw oil press machine

It commonly used oil materials include sesame, soybean, peanut, rapeseed, camellia seed, soybean, oil sunflower seed and so on for screw oil press machine but corn germ, pepper, tung tree seed, and olive is not uncommon press by screw oil press machine.


       It should choose different type oil press machine according to different oil materials, just like peanuts can use a screw press, but sesame can’t. Different oil materials have different requirements at the time of oil processing.


Sesame oil is one of oldest edible oils in the world, and is known as the “oil queen”. Sesame oil is one of the few vegetable oils that can be eaten without “extreme refining”. The nutritional value is high. Due to the action of natural antioxidant sesame phenol, the chemical properties of sesame oil are stable. After the sesame is fried, the scent is very rich, and the sesame oil is more distinctive.


Soybean is a high-protein oil material and also is an important vegetable oil in the world. They need fine selection, cleaning, and peeling when being pressed. Because soybeans are not like peanut and sesame oil, It is suitable for leaching oil but not suitable for oil mill pressing.


Peanut is one of the common oil materials. It is favored by people because of its high nutrient content. However, peanuts are not easy to store. If stored improperly, it will cause aflatoxin to exceed the standard.


Rapeseed, also known as rapeseed, is widely distributed in various parts of China. As one of the main oil crops in China, rapeseed is divided into spring rapeseed and winter rapeseed according to the season. Its rapeseed is one of the raw materials for oil production. The oil mill oil commonly used in oil mills has high oil content and stable oil yield.


Oil sunflower seed is pressed and called sunflower oil. It is more common in China in the 1980s. It is also a kind of high-quality edible oil, but now people have higher requirements for food, more choice of peanut oil, etc. It is more common in southern China.

Most of the above oil can be pressed by a screw press, but sesame can’t. Its unique substance makes it more inclined to stone crushing or hydraulic press, using both to squeeze sesame and squeeze out the oil. More fragrant.

The relatively high-end oils on the market include corn, olives, camellia oil, walnut oil and so on. These oil materials need special treatment. Due to the characteristics of the oil itself, it determines the way it is pressed.

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