The Characteristics and Advantages of Hydraulic Oil Press Machine


LY-180 hydraulic oil press machine  has the following characteristics and market advantages:


1 Low losses : The ordinary oil press adopts spiral extrusion to produce high temperature, which reduces the nutrition of the oil, and the loss of raw materials is 6%. The hydraulic oil press adopts physical pressing without heating, the loss is small, and the oil yield is adjustable.

2 Environmental protection: ordinary oil press machine, after the pressing, it needs to use other raw materials to clear the oil, and the noise is large. This machine adopts direct filtration, does not require low oil noise, does not add any chemical raw materials in the production process, and conforms to the green food standard.

3 High-efficiency and energy-saving; ordinary oil press processing 50 kilograms of raw materials requires 13 kilowatts of motor for 1 hour, the machine processes 50 kilograms of raw materials, with 3 kilowatts of motor, only 5 minutes of power consumption, efficiency is increased several times, Save electricity more than 90% .

4 Value-added: After the raw material of ordinary oil press is pressed, the by-product can only be used as animal feed. After the machine is processed, the oil residue can be restored into a high-protein, low-fat green food. Product added value is higher.

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