Structural principle of hot and cold oil press

The hot and cold oil press machine is also called cold press screw oil press machine, which can be cold pressed and hot pressed. the cold press screw oil press machine is divided into three parts: main machine, automatic feeding device and vacuum filtration. It can press common oils and can also squeeze corn, olives, camellia and so on to provide better cold-pressed original edible oil for user.


The structure principle of the hot and cold oil press machine: put the oil material into the spiral automatic feeding machine, and is transported by the feeding machine to the feeding port of the oil press machine. The oil material enters the oil press machine, and gradually through the screw into the chamber. By using the change of the pitch of the screw, the embryo is continuously pushed in and pressed. Under the condition of high pressure, the friction between the embryo and the snail and the squeezing is generated, and the oil enters the snail. The upper pressurized part causes the oil to receive strong pressure, so that the protein in the oil is thermally denatured, destroying the colloid, and the oil flows out along the squeeze strip of the oil press. The raw materials of the cold press must be selected, otherwise the cold press will be affected by the different maturity of the raw materials and the harmful substances contained in the raw materials such as aflatoxin in the mildew oil and gossypol toxin in the cottonseed. The quality of the oil has a serious impact.

Cold pressing is a process for producing oil: the general cold pressing method is processed in an environment below 60 ° C, and the nutrient content is more complete. Because the oil yield of cold pressing method has only half of the hot pressing method, the price of most cold pressed oil is about 50% higher than that of hot pressed oil. The hot pressing is to extract the oil crop seeds and then extract them. The smell is especially fragrant and the color is better. And has high yield. The residue remaining in the product is small and easy to store. The cold-pressed seeds are not fried, so the smell is poor, but the color is good. Both this two methods have no solvent residue. However, the oil extracted by the high-temperature treated oil has a dark color and an increased acid value, so the oil must be refined before it can be eaten.

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