Small Oil Press Machine


With the improvement of life, household oil press machine have become a member of household appliances, more and more families are using this new type of electrical products.

Household oil press machine also have screw press machine and fully intelligent household oil press machine . The screw press is mainly used for processing in rural areas. The all-intelligent household oil press generally faces the majority of households, has low pressing cost, high oil yield and simple operation. Almost all oil crops can be squeezed by a small oil press. Including peanuts, soybeans, oil sunflower, rapeseed, walnuts, cottonseed, sesame and so on.

Precautions for pressing oil :

  1. Do not heat until the oil temperature is too high, because the oil temperature is too high, that is, the oil begins to deteriorate.
  2. Do not reuse it. It is easy to deteriorate the oil when it is cold and hot.
  3. The number of frying is not more than 3 times, and the use of too many times is likely to cause damage to the oil.
  4. The oil temperature is generally up to 210-220 degrees, but consumers should avoid burning the oil when using general vegetable oil, because burning is easy to produce peroxide, causing liver and skin lesions.


  1. After the oil is used, tighten the lid to avoid oxidation of the edible oil and air.


  1. Avoid placing the oil in direct sunlight or overheating at the fire side to cause deterioration. It should be placed in a cool place and avoid moisture penetration, resulting in deterioration.


  1. Do not pour the used oil into the crude oil. Because the used oil will be polymerized and become larger after oxidation, the oil will be sticky and will easily deteriorate.


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