Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is one of the oldest edible oils in China, and its output ranks first in the world. There are many varieties of sesame, including white, brown, yellow and black sesame. The average oil content of various types of sesame is about 45% to 58%. The sesame seeds not only have high oil content, but also have a high protein content, generally 23% to 26%. Sesame oil contains many kinds of amino acids and is rich in nutrition.

Sesame oil contains lignans such as Sesamol, Sesamin, and Sesamolin . These substances in sesame oil and vitamin E can be antioxidant, which is why sesame oil is more stable than other vegetable oils.

At present, there are different processes for processing sesame oil, and the method is different, and the color taste is also different. The sesame oil squeezed out by LEYISI small household oil press machine has high oil yield, clear oil and long lasting fragrance.

LY-169 Automatic Stainless Steel cold & hot oil press machine

Capacity: 3- 6kg/hr

Voltage 220v/110v

Motor Power 400w                               

Weight 13kg

Material 304# food grade stainless steel

Machine dimension 470*240*190mm

Product Features

  1. Multifunctional home oil press machine for peanuts ,Coconut, olives, sesame, soybean ,macadamia nuts, walnuts , sunflower seeds , vegetable seeds, flaxseeds and so on…

2 . The motor is industry motor that it can  continue working for more than 5 hours . We suggest it works for 5 hours and take a rest for about 1 hour.That will be good for the machine

  1. Oil extracting rate is up to 45%, which depends on the oil seed
  2. Easy to operate , clean and move .


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