Safety Regulations for Small Oil Presses


Zhengzhou Leyisi is a company specializing in the production of oil pressing equipment( ).Users of small oil press machine should pay attention to the safety of their use in some places. Here are the safety regulations for the use of small oil presses  :


  1. When a small oil press machine  is in operation, it tightens the loosening nuts to prevent the tandem shafts. Moreover, the oil materials to be pressed must be clean, and no stones or metal or other magazines should be mixed in, which will seriously affect the oil yield of small oil press.


  1. The motor of the working small oil press machine must be put on the ground. When the engine rotates, if it is not put on the ground, it will shake back and forth.


  1. When the equipment is running, it is forbidden to extend into the hopper by hand or metal rod to clear the oil, and only use wooden sticks to clear it.


  1. The small oil press machine can’t use the iron rod or screwdriver to pull out the cake wheel during work to prevent accidents.


  1. Do not touch metal with metal materials during production, so as not to encounter electricity and cause harm to the body.


  1. For the staff wearing gloves in production, we must take extra care to prevent the gloves from being clamped when feeding. When entering the production, we must pay attention to reduce the risk occurrence coefficient.
  2. Do not produce outdoors during rainy days, because rainwater will cause rusting of the equipment, and the rain will be tidal, which will have an impact on the produced oil. It will not only have low purity, but may also cause impurities to enter.

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