Related Factors For the Price Of Oil Press Machine


LEYISI company sells high-efficiency, healthy and pollution-free screw oil press which is widely used in the edible oil press industry.(Web : ) With the development of the industry, screw press is also widely known. There are more and more factories producing oil press, but how do we choose the machine with high cost performance? What are the factors that affect the price of oil press ?


On the one hand, the price of oil press machine is determined by the technical level of equipment production: different manufacturers have different technical level when they produce, and the manufacturer with excellent technology can produce more efficient and safe equipment when they use it. So part of the price of the machine is determined by the technology of the manufacturer.


On the other hand, the design of the machine: oil press equipment is generally larger in volume and weight, and may encounter many situations in daily production. The smaller the volume and weight of the same processing capacity equipment, the more favourable it will be to customers.



At the same time, the equipment materials will increase the cost price to a certain extent: the oil press is a continuous high-strength work equipment. In order to adapt to this high-strength work, high-quality and high-strength materials are necessary, so as to ensure the efficiency and safety during production.


The components of the oil press equipment are also an important factor affecting the price of the machine. The same machine has different manufacturers and the prices are different. The use of good components not only improves the efficiency of the machine, but also increases the service life of the machine.


Therefore when we choose the oil press, we cannot blindly pursue cheap equipment. We must compare the performance of the machine in many aspects and choose a cost-effective oil press machine.

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