Home Brewing 10L Nitrogen Premium Keg Dispense Kit Beer Equipment

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Product Description

1.All parts for these kegs are compatible with Cornelius style kegs.
2.Keg is made of from 1 mm thick 304 stainless steel.
3.Height: 270mm without handle
4.Diameter: 230mm
5.Relief valve,O-rings and poppits are standard ball lock and replaceable.
6.This handle is mamual welded kegs body
7. It also fits into any refrigerator. How convenient to have one with club soda or sparkling lemonade, plus two with different
kinds of beer.

Product name: 10L Nitrogen Premium Keg Dispense Kit
Material: SS Stainless Steel
Size: 6L/10L/19L/24.5L
Accessories Keg Lid , Beer Tap , Ball Lock , Co2 Regulator
Condition 100% NEW
Logo Corrosion, etching(Golden) , silk screen printing corrosion black

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