Automatic single punch tablet press candy press machine

Max. Dia of Tablet:20mm
Max. Depth of Filling:18mm
Max. thickness of tablet (mm):6
Production Capacity:4500 pcs per hour
Power (KW):0.75
Power supply:AC220V/50HZ
Overall Size 650mm x 450mm x 650mm

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Product Description

Descriptions: Single punch tablet machine for all kinds of granular materials into discs and various geometric shapes, the system is suitable for laboratory and small-scale production of tablets. It features a small desktop electric continuous tableting machine, it can be hand-cranked. The machine can only be installed a pair dies, molds can be suppressed by changing the shape of the tablets of different sizes, filling depth, tablet thickness of the material can be adjusted. 

Item TDP-1.5 TDP-5 TDP-6
Max pressure of tablet 15 kn 50kn 60kn
Max diameter of tablet 12mm 20mm 25mm
Max filling depth (mm) 11mm 18mm 18mm
Max thickness of tablet 10mm 6mm 10mm
Production capacity 3600pcs/h 4500pcs/h 3600pec/h
Power 370w 1400r/min 750w 1400r/min 1.1kw1400r/min
Overall dimension (mm) 580x 450 x625 650 x450 x650 650x 600 x700
weight 85kg 125kg 165kg

tablet press candy press machine 3 tablet press candy press machine 1 tablet press candy press machine 2  

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