Pre-press process of various oil material

(1) Pre-press process of peanut

  1. Heat the peanut. When the temperature reaches about 100-110 °C, it is sent to the hopper for hot pressing. Squeeze twice or three times.                                                                        

2, Peanut steaming for 1.5-2 hours (removing the internal glue), the water content should be less than 7.5%. The other materials should be used to crush the heat (about 80 ° C) before the test, and the cake thickness is 0.7. -1.5 mm, the second pass is 1-2 mm. Specifically, depending on the oil content of the peanuts, if the oil content is high, it can be squeezed three times. The first time the cake is thicker to avoid oil return.


(2) Pre-press process of cottonseed

Cottonseed is generally cold pressed. It is required to have a short lint, preferably a black shell (with cotton linters removed from the linters). When virgin is added, it should be less and slower. According to the cake and oil flow, adjust the gap between the snail and the cake ring at any time. When the cake thickness is about 1-1.5 mm, add more when the oil flow is smooth. If the cottonseed is not defatted, because the cottonseed shell has short velvet, which affects the cutting, the wooden stick must be used to help the feeding. Be careful not to use fingers or metal sticks to avoid accidents.


(3) Pre-press process of rapeseed


  1. Cold pressing of rapeseed: The water content of rapeseed is adjusted to 7.5%-8.7% and can be fed into the press.
  2. Hot pressing of rapeseed: When the rapeseed is sizzled to 100-110 ° C, it is sampled on a flat plate and rubbed with a small piece of wood.

(1) If the shell and the heart are in powder form, it means that the rapeseed is too dry, so that the oil is not smooth and the oil is into a paste, which cannot be squeezed. At this time, the appropriate water should be added evenly to press;

(2) If the rapeseed shell is separated, the heart is divided into two pieces, indicating that the water is suitable. Add 1-2% water before mixing and mix well. When the oil is pressed into the press, the oil flow is smooth and the cake is tile-shaped.

(3) If the shell and the heart are connected together, it means that the rapeseed is too wet. When it is pressed, there is white foam in the oil, and the oil is not smooth. It is often necessary to press the cake several times, but it is very soft and need to stir the rapeseed. .

3,some places also require oil to have aroma, they will overcook the rapeseed, through the machine virgin once again, do not allow oil (crush); later steamed and then squeezed.

In short,the water is suitable, and the oil yield is high, the output is high, the quality of the oil will better.

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