Measures to improve the refining rate of tea seed oil

(1) Using spray with alkali treatment instead of Dc alkali addition. Dc alkali addition is fast, but it is easy to cause large soap feet, and the oil contained in the soap foot is not easy to precipitate, the loss is large, spray with alkali treatment can add alkali solution Evenly, the soap particles gradually form and the loss is small.


(2) Method for recovering neutral oil from soapy feet 1. When the soap feet are heated and salted out, the soap feet are taken away from the bottom of the pot after the oil is simmered, but do not exhaust each time. This part contains more soapy feet. The oil is recovered in the next pot of saponin, and it is recycled as much as possible. 2. When the soapy oil is recovered, it can not be stirred. If it is stirred during temperature rising and salting out, the precipitated oil will be added to the saponin.


(3) Recycling filter cloth oil :After the filter cloth is removed, it must be washed with water, but the filter cloth also contains oil. If it is conditional, it can be washed with a hydraulic oil press and then the canvas can be heated in the pool. Boil the water, wait until the oil floats out and collect it, then add the alkali to wash it. If you add alkali to wash it at the beginning, the oil will be saponified and cannot be recycled.

(4) Prevent the floating or unsinking of the soapy feet when the coarse tea oil is neutralized. When the coarse tea oil is neutralized, the soapy feet are floating or not sinking. If the treatment is not good, the refining consumption will also increase.


(5) Prevent emulsification during washing

(6) Preventing foaming and overflowing during drying. When drying, there are many oil bubbles, sometimes overflowing the pan, and sometimes drying to the final temperature foam does not disappear.

(7) Decolorization of tea oil After the alkali oil is refined, the sinking soap foot can absorb a part of the pigment, so that the waste liquid which sinks the soap foot is dark brown, and after washing, a part of the pigment can be taken away.

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