LY-180 Hydraulic oil press machine 

Yesterday, we came to the factory of oil press machine. We watched the Hydraulic oil press machine process and learn more about the Hydraulic oil press knowledge  .

The main parts of the machine are Hydraulic oil tank, Hydraulic pressure cylinder, Piston, Column, Mobile top, Base, Raw material cylinder, Switch box, Electric contact hydraulic pressure indicator and automatic temperature control device. It is mainly made with 45# steel and 27SiMn steel forging parts and other high-quality metal materials. Thereby improving the performance and life of the machine.


The main hydraulic transmission parts are composed of transmission worms, turbine, crankshaft, high pressure pump, gear pump, check valve, hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic pipes and other components.

Use of hydraulic oil press machine :The machine also adoptsaforced unloading device, which feeds at a constant speed andhas a high pressing speed. It can widely press peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, sesame seeds, etc .



  1. Using vacuum filter, it is able to simply filter the crude oil after pressing.
  2. It is able to save labour, about 60% . One or two person is for per machine
  3. Low energy consumption and environmental protection, low power consumption.
  4. Low investment, get more profit. 


Oil  Cake :



There is a Chinese saying going like this “three.point squeeze, seven-point stir-fry” .

The quality of the stirfry material directly affects the quality of the oil and yield.

If you let the roaster machine is equipped with an oil press machine , you are more productive .

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