Influencing Factors of Machine Oil Yield


If you want to get a high oil yield, you need a good oil press equipment and a reasonable use of the oil press equipment. So what effect does the pressing condition have on the oil output ?


  1. Reasonable pressure on the press. The pressure applied during pressing, the pressure state of the press and the speed of the pressurization have different effects on the oil extraction effect.
  2. Sufficient pressing time The pressing time is long, the oil flow is sufficient, and the oil yield is high.
  3. Constant temperature conditions during pressing Constant temperature conditions (100 ° C ~ 135 ° C) must be maintained during the pressing process. Do not excessively raise and lower the temperature when applying pressure. In addition, the length of the pressing time also affects the maintenance of the constant temperature.


The above points are some of the problems that everyone should pay attention to. We carefully check the working situation of the oil press when operating the oil press; this is very necessary. The oil press must be inspected by the oil press before use, and the lubricating oil should be applied to the lubricating oil in time. This will not only improve the efficiency and oil output of the working oil press, but also reduce the parts. Friction, reduce the frequency of replacement of parts that are easily damaged by the oil press. The oil press can be heated in a wok before pressing the oil crop, which can increase the oil yield, such as sunflower seeds, peanuts, sesame seeds and castor beans. These are some oily crops and oils with lower oil content. Crops should be adjusted according to their own benefits. For example, soybeans and domestic soybeans are generally low in oil content. Users who generally use oil press machine will use cold rolling to press them.


Automatic good technology cold press oil expeller machine

Machine Model: LY-505

Voltage: 220v

Motor Power: 1500W

Weight: 75 kg

Yield: 15kg / h

Dimensions: 900 * 320 * 550mm


The Leyisi oil press machine adopts internal and external heating technology, with precise temperature control and high oil yield , welcome the masses of customers to choose

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