Hemp Seed Oil is considered to be the best vegetable oil  for health, widely used in medicine, health care products and skin care products, and even in the Ming Dynasty Chinese medicine has been used. Hemp seed oil provide protein, nutrition and basic amino acids for human health.

Hemp seed oil contains antioxidant and conditioning moisturizing ingredients ,if added to cosmetics and skin care products, it can be anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, moisturize dry skin, treat skin infections, and help heal skin damage and antioxidant. This oil is not greasy, easily absorbed, can improve skin renewal and moisturizing ability. Adults take 1-2 tablespoons of hemp seed oil daily,  after a few weeks will feel the skin becomes soft, and hair and nail strength increases. Hemp seed oil is added to skin care products, it is possible to make products to contain more vitamins and minerals.

How to use Cold Press Hemp Seed Oil

Nutty flavor of Hemp Seed Oil  is likely to be accepted. From a tablespoon (about 5ml) of hemp seed oil , you can get 2.5 grams Omega – 3 fatty acids, 8 grams Omega – 6 fatty acids, and 2 grams of Omega – 9 fatty acids,  this is a perfect proportion of fatty acids. it is  easily absorbed by the body, and is very suitable for cooking food, and not like other saturated fatty acid or a high proportion of short-chain fatty acid oils which can  cause vascular blocking problems.

Hemp Seed Oil is best to cook at room temperature, and can be added to salad dressings, pasta, vegetables, fruit juice, soup, or  added after heating / baking complete, it is not suitable for frying. If you must heat hempseed oil,please shorten the heating time as possible.


We can also use the home use oil press machine to get Hemp Seed not need to heat the hemp seed,you can just put the seeds onto the machine,then press and will get oil. of course,the  machine is just for home use. If want to get more hemp seed oil,people can choose the Commercial electric hot and cold oil press machine,but seeds has to be heat when use the machine.I suggest people use the LY-180 automatic hydraulic sesame cold press oil machine.its Capacity is 30-35KG/H .this machine can be used many years and easy to keep in repair.The important is that you do not pay more money to buy the sparts.


hydraulic oil press machine 1


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