How to improve the oil yield of oil press machine ?


The oil yield of the machine is related to the moisture control of the raw crops, the temperature and humidity, the quality of the oil press machine and the operation. Specific measures to increase the oil extraction rate of the oil press can be summarized as follows:


  1. Control the temperature of stir-frying. The room temperature of the computer room should be maintained at 15-20 C. Dryer raw materials require higher machine temperatures. General machine tool greenhouse can produce oil at 60 C. When you touch the body shell with your hand and feel hot, you can put it into normal operation.


After continuous press, the temperature of the screw oil press machine will gradually rise. When it runs too long, the machine should rest for a while to avoid overheating. Machine preheating is also required at the beginning of the pressing process. Repeated pressing with the previous oil cake or a small amount of oil to make the temperature of the press equipment reach about 60 degrees can be normal pressing.


  1. Control the moisture content of raw materials before pressing. The optimum moisture content is as follows: peanut 8%-11%, soybean 5%-8%, cottonseed 4%-6%, rapeseed 6%-8%.


3.Choose high-quality LEYISI multi-functional sesame soybean oil press machine(Web : ) which has good machine performance and high oil yield. And our machine chooses high-quality accessories, more comfortable to use, the service life of the machine is longer.


  1. The quality of raw materials. Selecting high quality oil crops, and cleaning, shelling, crushing and steaming oil crops, these four steps are the pretreatment of oil crops, this link is also very necessary.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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