Fully automatic oil press machine  working  principle

The automatic oil press uses the action of mechanical external force to make the oil distributed on the inner and outer surfaces of the embryo, which is heated by the screw shaft to generate heat, and escapes from the adsorption force of the embryo. This is squeezed out from the oil. The process is called oil extraction. The design principle of the fully automatic oil press is the most advanced in the world so far, and it can squeeze the automatic slag discharge automatically. The screw press divides the first stage press, the second stage press and the multi-stage press. According to the scale, there are small, medium and large for meet the different needs of home and business.

Our automatic oil press machine integrates an automatic temperature control system, which can adjust the suitable temperature for different raw materials, easy to operate, and simplify the complexity of the fried material. The reason why the automatic oil press is called fully automatic means that in addition to the feed, basically no other operations are required, automatic temperature control, vacuum filtration, simple operation, less floor space and high oil yield. It is based on the technology introduced from South Korea before. According to the temperature control, the actual oil yield can be increased by 10-30%. The fully automatic oil press has advanced design, reliable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It has the characteristics of energy saving, high oil yield, labor saving, wide application, pure oil quality and small footprint. The new fully automatic oil press developed by our company.It can be used for many kinds of oils such as mustard seed, cotton seed, soybean, peanut, sesame and sunflower seed. On this basis, our company has launched a new type of hot and cold multi-purpose screw press. The machine has the function of processing a variety of raw materials. At the same time, the machine is equipped with infrared heating, micro-electric control and fine filtration system. Oil, raw materials are poured into the machine and squeezed out directly. It is filtered and cleaned. It can be eaten directly. The machine is the first to use 20-molybdenum carbon steel. It is more resistant to pressure and abrasion than ordinary manufacturers. Long, easy to maintain, easy to operate, strong compliance, high oil yield.

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Name            Model





Diameter of squeezing bolt

Ø 80mm

Ø 100mm

Ø 120mm

Speed of squeezing bolt




Diameter of internal circle of pressing chest

Ø 82mm

Ø 102mm

Ø 122mm

Configuration power

Main engine








Handling capacity




Weight of complete machine




External dimensions




The structure of the automatic oil press: The fully automatic oil press is a new type of multi-functional screw pre-press machine consisting of pressing, feeding device, spiral total range, school cake mechanism, gear box and motor.

The characteristics of the spiral pre-pressing machine are that the transverse auger works synchronously, the pressing is axially split, the clamshell is fixed with the center point of the dovetail single bolt block, the clam shell opening and closing adopts the hinge structure, and the cold is used – Warm structure cooling;

The total range of the spiral is a segmented structure, a labyrinth sealing gasket is used between the spiral and the bushing, and a venting spiral is arranged beside the spiral.

The machine has the advantages of novel design, reasonable structure and automatic manual baking cake function, which can clean and replace the wearing parts without stopping the machine, has large processing capacity, small energy consumption, small land occupation and low cost.

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