Daily maintenance and problems of peanut oil press machine
Peanut oil press machine can create objective revenue, so it’s important of the daily maintenance for equipment, the majority of users must understand maintenance is cannot be less. the peanut oil press machine daily maintenance methods as following:
1. It shall choose a good place when the oil extractor is used, which can ensure that the oil extractor is not showered by wind or rain, so as to avoid the rust of oil extractor parts and contamination of cooking oil. At the end of each shift, the residual cake should be cleaned and wipe the dust and grease on the surface of the machine.
2. During the oil extractor machine is using, it must be lubricated with lubricating oil to reduce wear, especially on the connecting pin shaft where the handle is connected with the oil pump. The oil cup on the reducer should be checked for lack of oil every 50 hours of work. If it is lack of oil, can be added from the adjusting screw hole. Dry grinding without oil is strictly prohibited.
3. When the amount of pressing is reduced, the cake or oil is abnormal, the screw shaft should be extracted to check the wear of the screw, the strip and the ring. If there is any wear, please replace it in time.
4. The embellish oil parts shall prevent the invasion of dust and other impurities, check the oil quality of the reducer once a year, and replace it in time if it be worse.
5. When the oil press machine not be used for a long time, the machine should be wiped clean, greased and covered with protective cover, and the screw, strip and pie shell should be cleaned and re-oiled, and then the machine should be kept in a dry place.
Common fault analysis of peanut oil press machine:
1. The rotating shaft of peanut oil press machine is stuck. The reason is that the material is added too fast, the hard shell of the oil is dry, the gap between the outlet is too small, the disc is not smooth, the temperature of the body is low, or there are hard objects entering the chamber with the oil. If this happens, stop immediately and pour out the cake residue in the chamber to remove the hard shell. Adjust the moisture of oil and the gap between the outlet. Polish out the pie circle; Raise the body temperature, remove the hard material and cake residue in the chamber, and restart the machine.
2. Abnormal sound. It is mainly caused by metal or stone entering the body, loose fasteners, poor lubrication, uneven feeding or excessive feeding. The removal method is to stop immediately to clean up, tighten the screws in all parts, add lubricating oil and feed evenly.
3.The oil comes out unstable. Mainly is the oil dry humidity discomfort, press the gap too small by the slag plug, body temperature or low temperature. The elimination method is to adjust the oil moisture, check the gap of the press, and adjust the oil road, improve the machine temperature or feed temperature.
4.Serious slag formation. The first reason is that the strip is worn and the gap is too large. Second, pressure is too high. Solution one is to replace the squeegee and adjust the gap; The second is to adjust the gap or new parts.
5. Low productivity, too thick cake. The first reason is that the screw is worn seriously and there are many slag leakage. The other is that the screw thread is blocked by debris. The first solution is to adjust the gap between the outlet. The second is to remove debris from screw threads in time.
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