Coconut oil amounted to 33%. For thousands of years of traditional oil extraction approach is quite simple, as long as the coconut into debris on the water boiled, the oil will float on the water separated, then skim the oil out. Another approach is extruded debris from coconut coconut milk (also called coconut milk), then it naturally ferment 24-36 hours, so the oil will be separated from the water, then remove the oil, heated to remove moisture short . This medium temperature heating method of coconut oil there is no damage. There are also a variety of extraction methods coconut oil, coconut oil different methods to obtain the appearance, quality, taste and aroma of mutual differences. However, the method can be divided into two categories: one is purified, bleached, deodorized (RBD) of the “purification” of coconut oil, the other is not chemically treated at room temperature “cold-pressed” (virgin) coconut oil . Purified coconut oil made ​​from copra and more generally for the food industry. This coconut oil is generally considered healthy, because fatty unspoiled. Because it is colorless, tasteless, many people like to eat this oil. Cold-pressed coconut oil made ​​from fresh coconut and more. This oil is a clear liquid such as water, curing is white. Due to high temperatures and chemical substances without treatment, this oil retains its original components and has a special smell and taste of coconut.

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While not useful for taking coconut oil treatment quantitative criteria, but experts recommend taking 4-8 tablespoons per day (57-114 g), that is, take 2-3 tablespoons per meal. Many people report that when governance epidemic, every two or three hours a day in taking coconut oil once, the effect is very good. After recovery should take 3.5 tablespoons per day (50 g) in order to consolidate the curative effect. Moreover, you should drink lots of water, plenty of rest and take vitamin C. If you feel bad taste simply taking coconut oil, coconut oil can be used for cooking food or added to drinks can also be applied to the skin and rub them, absorbed through the skin. But keep in mind that coconut oil and fat can not cure them, got sick should also see a doctor. The best coconut oil as a way to prevent and care drug use. If a person taking 3-4 tablespoons a day, and pay attention to a healthy diet, the people are generally easy to get sick. But if you still sick, and that is coconut oil for pathogens ineffective, it is necessary to use other drugs and treatment methods.

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