Autumnal Equinox has passed, chill suddenly raw, cold air brought autumn, but dry weather has also led to a high incidence of pruritus disorders, diabetes is a high risk of pruritus, itching attack except no primary skin lesions, but often continue leave skin exfoliation, eczema-like change, lichenification and pigmentation. First let a chill autumn and a coco lipstick for your skin escort.

coco lipstick

Prepared materials: 95% alcohol, beaker, a stirring rod, a thermometer, virgin coconut oil, natural beeswax, lipstick tube! Figure:

coco lipstick1

Production process: Pour extra virgin coconut oil, natural beeswax. Their ratio: 4: 1:. Beeswax melting temperature is 70 degrees, in order to protect the balm pure plant nutrients, the liquid temperature inside the beaker 80 appropriate.

coco lipstick 2

Effect: enzymes can eat coconut Dodge lip balm moisturizing, repair dry chapped skin
Taste: virgin coconut oil fragrance
Color: white
Quite moist, very suitable for winter days. Pregnant women and babies using


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