Common oil nutrition analysis

1.Peony seed oil: Peony seed is the essence of peony plant, inheriting all the characteristics of peony itself, it has unique medicine ingredients and nutrients. Peony seed is a nut protected by double shell and seed shell. It has a natural “longevity” gene. The subcritical low-temperature extraction of peony seed oil has an unsaturated fatty acid content of more than 90%. Especially the polyunsaturated fatty acid, linolenic acid (omega-3 series), which is more than 40%.


Peony seed oil is the most suitable for human nutrition so far. It is the highest nutritional value of all edible oils and the most reasonable composition. It is not easy to be oxidized and deposited on human blood vessel walls, coronary arteries, etc. It is these ingredients that make it become an important edible oil in medicine and nutrition. Peony seed oil is actually an oily health care product that can be processed in various ways. It can also be used directly or as a skin care product on the skin surface. Therefore, peony seed oil is both an edible oil and a health care product, and is also a natural skin care product.

  1. Flaxseed oil: It’s rich in alpha linolenic acid, it is good for keeping the brain healthy and promoting brain development, enhancing the body’s absorption of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and proteins. The lack of it will affect the body’s effective use of these nutrients.


Flaxseed oil’s lampblack spot is low, so it suitable for cold salad, but not suitable for frying. After mixing a small amount of linseed oil with other vegetable oils, it can also be used for cooking. It should be noted that the oil temperature should be controlled and should not be too high. When the hot oil or oil in the hot pot is hot, the food should be placed quickly to avoid destroying its nutrients.


  1. Sunflower oil: It’s rich in vitamin E, phospholipids, carotene and other nutrients. In addition, the inorganic substances such as potassium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium contained in it can to promote the healthy growth of bones and teeth in adolescents. Sunflower oil is a kind of oil that is familiar to the public. It is recommended that young people eat this oil in daily life. Studies at Northwestern University have also found that alpha tocopherol (another form of vitamin E) contained in sunflower oil may be beneficial to the lung function of the human body                                                                                            

The high-quality sunflower oil is clear and transparent, light in color, non-greasy and excellent in taste. Moreover, when cooking is resistant to high temperatures and the oil temperature does not exceed 180 ° C and suitable for home cooking methods .

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