cooking rice added coconut oil

About cook rice added coconut oil, coconut oil is rich in saturated fats, which reached 92% saturation, saturation than the variety of meat twice or even several times, he said here, a lot of people will say, so high saturated fat, eating certainly bad for your health. In fact, on a misunderstanding of saturated fat. Coconut oil is a saturated fat in contact with in our daily lives is different fat, coconut fragrance coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acid, also known as medium-chain triglycerides, is defined by having 8 to 12 carbon atoms saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is a medium chain fat content of 62%, containing more than 50% lauric acid. We have seen on the market by the vast majority of long-chain fatty acids constituting vegetable oil, fat or 14 to 20 carbon atoms. And long-chain fatty acids is different, medium-chain fatty acid low melting point, low molecular weight, high solubility, hydrolysis faster and more completely. Medium-chain fatty acids of these features what good is it?
We all know that obesity, high cholesterol and fat metabolism disorders diseases are disorders related to excess body fat. There is now the main intake of fat and animal sources are fats and vegetable fats, which are long-chain fatty acids. Medium-chain fatty acids with a different way of long-chain fatty acid metabolism is different. Medium-chain fatty acids directly into the liver via the portal vein, and long chain fatty acids to the bile emulsification, after pancreatic lipase hydrolysis are esterified to triglycerides in the intestinal wall again, through the lymphatic system into the blood, and lipoproteins involved in blood circulation . It is this difference, the medium chain fatty acid determine the following characteristics:
1, medium-chain fatty acids have a small molecular weight, high solubility, low melting point, hydrolysis faster and more completely and so on. Thus, relatively easy to dissolve in water and body fluids in vivo have higher solubility.
2, due to the small molecular weight, under the action of pancreatic lipase hydrolysis it more complete and easier to absorb. Even in the case of a lack of pancreatic lipase and bile salts, medium chain fats can be absorbed in the form of triglycerides. After the human intake of medium-chain fatty acids do not cause pancreatic secretion.
3, medium-chain fatty acids into the liver through the portal vein system, rather than through the lymphatic system, it is absorbed in the body faster. Usually fat in the human body needs three to four hours to complete the digestion process, and medium-chain fatty acids in a few minutes directly absorbed from the intestinal epithelial cells, and then into the blood circulation through the hepatic portal vein.
4, medium-chain fats need not be formed chylomicrons and other lipids when transport is also easy with proteins to form lipoproteins. Therefore, lowering blood lipids have a regulatory role.
5, since the medium-chain fatty directly without passing through the lymphatic system via the portal vein into the liver, not the synthesis of lipids in the liver, it is easy to form a fatty liver, the liver has a protective effect.
6, medium chain triglycerides also be oxidized in the mitochondria and B produce acetyl coenzyme A, but it can quickly mitochondrial membrane into the matrix, without carnitine (L-carnitine) help.
7, since the medium chain fatty acid carbon chain is relatively short, in the absence of extended carbon bond metabolic reactions, it was hydrolyzed use, so they can not be used as a structural material of fat cells to use, it does not cause obesity.
8, many people believe that the supply chain fatty calories is 9 kcal, in fact, provide calories than other fats should be less, per gram supply only 6.8 calories, compared to the general supply of long-chain fatty Card To 9 24.5% less.
Coconut oil is added when cooking rice is more use of its features, because coconut oil is conducive to weight loss, but also help to control blood lipids.

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