What is the diameter of the screw rod of the oil press machine ?


The speed of the oil press and the diameter of the screw rod are matched. Generally, the speed of the screw rod is 100-200r/min per minute, large and medium-sized oil press is to maintain the screw rod speed in the range of 30-50r/min.

Our popular expression is that the oil press maichine with low rotation speed has low productivity, long pressing time and high oil output rate. There is a certain amount of pressed strip inside the oil press, generally 0.2-0.3mm oil seam is suitable, and there is also a 0.7-1mm strip. When we choose to extract crops with high oil content, we can choose a larger oil seam. Do not run the slag. Otherwise it will reduce the pressure of the pressing, affecting the oil yield and oil quality.

The shape and size of the screw rod structure and the angular relationship of the spiral teeth are the key points. Due to the unreasonable structure, size and angle of the screw, the efficiency and quality of the oil press machine will also be affected. According to the technical requirements of manufacturing and use, the oil press must be matched with the matching motor as the power, otherwise it will easily damage the gearbox or burn the motor.

The oil press machine produced by our company has a reasonable structure of the auger to ensure the working efficiency and service life of the machine. Small home use oil press machine and commercial oil press machine have different screw diameters, giving customers a better choice. To choose a good oil press machine , please refer to our company’s website:


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