The manufacturing method of edible oil:

“pressing method” and “leaching method” are two basic manufacturing processes of edible oil. The difference between these two methods is that the “squeezing method” is to separate the oil from the material directly by physical pressure. The whole process does not involve any chemical additives to ensure that the products are safe, hygienic, pollution-free and natural nutrients are not damaged. The “leaching method” uses solvent naphtha (No. six light gasoline) to thoroughly extract oil and fat materials and extract them at high temperature. the biggest characteristic is the high oil yield and low production cost, which is why price of the leach oil is lower than that of pressed oil. Obviously, from the perspective of the pursuit of natural health, squeezing oil is more in line with people’s consumer psychology. The vast majority of peanut oil in market uses a “squeezing method”, while most soybean salad beans use the “leaching method”.

LY-169 oil press machine for home:


LY-169 oil press machine is Small home use Screw Oil Press machine,

Model Number LY-169

Capacity: 3- 6kg/hr

voltage 220v/110v

Motor Power 400w

weight 13kg

Material 304# food grade stainless steel

Machine dimension 470*240*190mm

Packing size 570*290*350mm

The nutritional value of different edible oils:

Peanut oil can make the body’s cholesterol decomposition into bile acid and excreted out of the body, thus reducing the amount of cholesterol in the plasma. In addition, peanut oil also contains steroids, wheat germ phenol, phospholipids, vitamin E, choline and other substances beneficial to the human body.

Regular consumption of peanut oil can prevent skin wrinkles and aging, protect the walls of blood vessels, prevent thrombosis, and help prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Choline in peanut oil can also improve the memory of the human brain and delay the decline of brain function.

The aroma of sesame oil stimulates the human senses and thus acts as a boost to appetite. Sesame oil is rich in vitamin E, this vitamin E is often said to be “to prevent aging vitamins.” Because vitamin E can improve blood circulation in the body, promote metabolism, so as to prevent the body to speed up aging.

The presence of unsaturated fatty acid linoleic acid in sesame seeds can effectively regulate the content of cholesterol and has a good effect on lowering blood pressure. In addition, sesame oil can nourish hair and is healthier in hair.

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