The main reason affecting the oil quality of automatic oil press machine

With the development of the economy, the edible oil processing industry is showing great vitality and becoming a prosperous sunrise industry in China. With the continuous improvement of the living standards of the people, people have developed from the initial “solving food and clothing problem” to the new concept of “eat nutrition and keep healthy”.


(1) The main factor affecting the oil extraction effect of the oil press equipment is the effect of pressing oil extraction, which is determined by many factors, including material structure and pressing conditions. In addition, the structure of the oil press equipment and its selection will also affect the oil output to some extent. The structural properties of the mill depend mainly on the quality of the pretreatment and the composition of the oil itself. The viscosity and surface tension of the oil in the pressed material are required to be as low as possible, and the pressed particles have sufficient plasticity.

(2) As the moisture content of the pressed material increases, the plasticity of the oil press equipment also gradually increases. When the water reaches a certain point, the squeeze oil is the best, and the moisture content at this time is called the optimum moisture or the critical moisture. For a certain type of material, under certain conditions, there is a narrower optimal water range. Of course, the optimal moisture range is closely related to other factors, first temperature and protein denaturation.

(3) The nature of the material is reflected by the mutual cooperation of factors such as moisture, temperature, oil content and protein denaturation. When the oil press equipment requires a low residual oil rate, reasonable low moisture and high temperature of the pressed material are necessary. Different pretreatment processes may result in the same squeezing moisture and temperature. Excessive denaturation of the protein reduces the plasticity of the press, which increases the necessary working pressure of the press. In short, the degree of protein denaturation is appropriate to ensure a good press and oil extraction effect.

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