The advantage of our oil press machine


  1. Innovative concept, electromechanical integration: scientific design, reasonable structure, easy operation, safe and stable, using fully automated devices, only need a few minutes from the time of feeding to the finished product.

2, excellent material precision: high carbon steel, high-frequency quenching, heat-resistant treatment surface, high hardness, high strength, good wear resistance, adapt to high temperature and high pressure continuous operation, improve the life of the oil press machine, use The time can be several decades. ,

3, the reasonable oil output rate is high: the principle of multi-stage progressive progressive pressure is adopted to make the pressure of the pressing press increase rapidly, so that the oil material can be separated and split at one time, and then the infrared temperature control system is adopted to automatically control the pressing temperature and moisture. The oil is directly softened to activate the oil molecules, the pressing is stable, and the oil is extracted at one time, which greatly improves the oil yield.

4, the temperature control fry material is automatically poured out: the quality of the fried material directly affects the quality of the oil and the oil yield. There is a saying of “three-point pressing, seven-point fried material”, it can be seen that the fried material is in the process of oil extraction. The importance of the frying material while the quality of the frying machine and the device. Our company’s frying machine adopts gear transmission. All models are equipped with vibration-damping and noise-reducing devices. The thick steel plate and frying pan volume can be heated by a variety of heating fuels (coal, electricity, gas fire, etc.), extensive heating and fast cooking. The design concept has greatly improved the service life of the frying machine and the quality of the fried seeds. It is also equipped with advanced devices such as oil temperature display instrument and reverse switch function, which are easy to operate and highly automated.

5,It can be used in all seasons: the oil press machine is not subject to climate constraints, both east and west, all seasons, because the oil pan device uses a heating control system, according to the ambient temperature, automatically adjust the temperature of the oil to achieve fast The effect of fine filtration, so it is not affected by the season and climate, and can be squeezed and operated all year round.

6, high-efficiency fine filtration system device: increased oil filter pressure, increased the temperature of the oil, new oil guiding technology, turbulent filtration, pure oil, filter oil and press simultaneously, greatly improving the oil filter speed, convenient Practical, is the ideal choice for the majority of users.

7, extensive press a multi-purpose: regardless of the difference in climatic conditions, the actual realization of the oil can be achieved, the machine uses a forced feeding device, feeding speed, pressing speed, can squeeze peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, Sesame, oil sunflower, flaxseed, cottonseed, pepper seed, walnut kernel, tung seed, ramie, almond and other oils.

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