Tea seed oil pressing and efficacy

     The best process conditions for tea seeds to enter the oil press machine: control 3% to 4% of water during steaming, temperature 110℃to 115℃, high oil yield, and 5% residual oil. When paying attention to the frying pan of the flat-bottomed wok, take the firepower and take the slow frying. It can feed about 30 kg each time, and the time of the fried material is about 15 minutes. When the frying is finished, the embryo can be seen to be oily, ripe and not coke, and less brittle. Can be squeezed into the pot. If it is pulverized, it must be graded. Stir the pellets to 100 ℃, then pour the powder into the pot, and then continue to fry until 115 ℃, so that the embryos are crisp and even. When the germ oil is visible, the pot is pressed into the pot, so the pressing is smooth. , the effect is good.



When the temperature of the tea seed kernel into the pressed embryo is more than 100 ℃, the moisture should not exceed 4%. If the water content is 4.0%, the temperature of the embryo is 150 degrees, the embryo is plastic and too soft, and the strong pressure can not be built in the squeezing. The material is easily deformed when it enters the oil  press machine, and a large amount of slag is discharged from the squeezing gap. Easy to block and block the oil passage, reducing the oil rate. It may be due to the high moisture content that the protein is tightly bound to the saponin, causing agglomeration.

The temperature of the input embryo is high, the moisture content is low, and the oil is also affected, and the equipment is also prone to failure. The reason is that the cooking time is too long, the temperature reaches 150 ℃, the embryo is dry coke, and the moisture content is low, so that the embryo will be stuck when the embryo is squeezed. If the tea seed meal is agglomerated in the squeeze, it is extremely difficult to clean.

From the above test, the raw material can be steamed and squeezed without pulverizing, but the tea seed kernel should be dried to a moisture content of 5% to 6%, which is easier to grasp.

The purpose and function of tea seed oil:

  1. Protect the skin: Camellia oil contains vitamin E and antioxidants, so it can protect the skin, especially to prevent skin damage and aging, and make the skin shiny.

2, weight loss effect: the health effect of tea oil is mainly reflected in the “non-polyester”, tea oil has the highest content of unsaturated fatty acids, so it is easily absorbed by the body after consumption, the digestibility rate is 97%. In this sense, tea oil has the effect of losing weight, so pregnant women can help eliminate the accumulation of abdominal fat during pregnancy, which can help to quickly recover.

3, anti-eye wrinkles: use camellia oil in the corners of the wrinkles gently massage, you can go to fine lines, reduce deep lines.

4, with moisturizing, moisturizing, black hair beauty function, used for hair care, can prevent hair breakage and hair loss, rubbing after bath, enhance skin elasticity.

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