Soybean Oil Press Machine

The problem when the machine presses the soybean:
In operation, some problems may occur due to unskillful operation. If the oil is improperly handled or the dry humidity is not suitable, the quality of the press oil will be affected. We have summarized the following questions for your reference:
1. The dry humidity and temperature of the oil materials before being pressed into the press should be suitable. Different materials should be treated differently before being pressed.
2. After completing the preparation work before pressing, screw the screw shaft to the dead point and then return it to 3-4 turns to ensure a certain gap at the cake opening. Otherwise, the body will burst due to the sudden feeding of the oil cake.
3. When the soybean oil press presses the slag phenomenon, the screw oil press machine , when pressing the oil, if it has a small amount of running slag, it is also a normal phenomenon (the slag is allowed to reach 5%). If the amount of running slag is large, adjustments are needed. From the aspect of oil, the oil moisture content is improper, too dry or too wet, the slag phenomenon will occur, the oil is too wet, the strips are run as a sheet, and the cake is softer and gripped into a dough. White foam. If the oil is too dry, the slag is powdery, and the cake is white and powdery. The oil flow is not smooth, and the oil gap in the squeezing should be less. That is, when the strips are packed, it is necessary to tighten them. The latter strips must be hammered by hand. The 100-type oil press machine should be tightened tightly.
4. The oil return phenomenon occurs when the soybean oil press presses the soybean: that is, there is oil in the hopper. For pressed soybeans, oil return is rare, because oil return is a phenomenon that is easily produced when pressing oily oils. The gap between the strips is too small: the tightness on the strips , the mats are used to adjust the gap between the strips. If other types of oil press machine are used, in addition to adjusting the gaps of the strips, it is necessary to relax the tightness of the serpents and increase the discharge of the gardens.

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