Continuous Sealing Machine Horizontal

US and Canada:110V; Euro:220V
Sealing Speed: Adjustable 0-470″(0-12mm)per minute
Sealing Width: 6-12mm (Adjustable)
Sealing Length: Unlimited custom
No. of printing words 13
Temperature Control 0-300°C (32F-572F) (Adjustable)
Exterior dimensions: 850x420x320mm

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Product Description

Features: Safely and accurately  Reliable quality Can make various shapes of  plastic film bags Used for setting of  various packing lines without limiting the sealing length Having the characteristics  of high efficiency of continuous sealing Parameters: US and  Canada:110V; Euro:220V Sealing Speed:     Adjustable 0-470″(0-12mm) per minute Sealing  Width:     6-12mm  (Adjustable) Sealing  Length:     Unlimited custom No. of  printing words     13 Temperature Control     0-300°C (32F-572F) (Adjustable) Exterior dimensions:     850x420x320mm QQ截图20141109215606 QQ截图20141109215600

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