Pressing Method of Rapeseed Oil



1  Hot-pressing

Step: The rapeseed is cleaned up – the fried seeds are pressed – filtered – the finished rapeseed oil;


Operation instructions: The rapeseed is screened with a mesh size of 30 mesh/inch, so that the rapeseed contains less than 0.5% of impurities, and then softens and softens the water content of the rapeseed by about 9%, then steamed and steamed. The oil temperature is 110-120 degrees, and its water content is about l-1.5%, so it can enter the oil press machine for pressing. For example, if you use a cylindrical wok, the rapeseed can be directly selected into the cylindrical wok after entering the miscellaneous wok. However, when adding seeds, add 2-3% water, and when frying to 110-120 degrees, you can press the pot. When hot pressing, the following methods can be used to judge whether the rapeseed is fried. Use two pieces of wood to rub the rapeseed. If the shell kernel is separated, the kernel is dark yellow. If the kernel is powdered, it is too dry. If the shell is not separated from the kernel, it is too wet.


2 Cold-pressed

Steps: Rapeseed – cleaned – pressed – filtered – finished rapeseed oil;


Operation instructions: When the cold pressed, the rapeseed is cleaned and mixed, no need to use the wok for the fried . When the cold pressed, the moisture content of the rapeseed will directly affect the oil production efficiency, so it is very important to judge the wet and dry of the oil. Generally, the moisture content of rapeseed is controlled to 5-8%, and the soil moisture is judged by the soil method. If the rapeseed is squeezed with nails, it can be divided into two pieces, and the oil is extruded into water. Appropriate, if it is into a powder, the water content is too dry, if it is flat, the water content is too high and too wet.


The problems that are easy to occur in the pressing process are as follows: the oil content in rapeseed is as high as 33-40%. Generally, there is no abnormality in the operation of the book according to the instructions in the hot press. If the operation is improper, the oil is not suitable due to improper operation. The temperature of the rapeseed oil press machine body is not good, and there may be phenomena such as running slag, returning oil or feeding, etc., at this time, it can be treated with reference to the cold pressing of peanut kernels.


The above is the introduction of the crushing process of rapeseed cold pressing and hot pressing. The hot pressed oil is more pure and darker in color, and the oil yield will be relatively higher, while the cold pressed oil is more beautiful in color and lower in oil yield.


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