Precautions for cooking oil

  1. Store in a dry and dark place

Because light and heat can significantly increase the oxygen absorption rate of plant oils, causing rancid oxidation. If you need to save for a long time, you should add antioxidant vitamin E. It has a certain effect on controlling rancidity. The ratio is 500g oil and one VE capsule.

2.the oil shouldn’t be placed too close to the heat source

The rate of oxidation is varies with increasing temperature. At temperatures above 60 ° C, the rate of oxidation increases significantly. Therefore, after using the oil bottle, we should keep away from high temperature heat sources such as stoves and heaters.

3.put oil in ceramic or glass bottles

Do not use plastic drums and metal containers contain oil, It should use ceramic and dark-colored glass bottles. Because metal ions are strong pro-oxidants, they are prone to oxidative rancidity of oil. The container should be washed and dried before the oil is filled, and the lid should be tightly closed after the oil is filled. Avoid prolonged contact with air.


4.try to buy small packaged oil, shorten storage time

Eat the oil as fresh as possible, the longer storage time, the greater risk of oxidative rancidity. If you have a big family, you can buy 5 liters. It is more suitable for a family of three to buy 2.5 liters or less. Health problems are a big problem. Be careful in these small things.

5.cooked oil should not be mixed with raw oil

We usually pour a lot of oil into the pot when we fry food. The used oil, although not oxidized and rancid, but in the process of frying, contact with air under high temperature conditions for a long time, has adsorbed a large amount of oxygen, some unsaturated bonds have been oxidized, trace amounts of oxygen free radicals have been produced . Therefore, the used oil should be stored separately in a bottle and should be used up as soon as possible. In addition, it is best not to use the frying oil repeatedly.

6.the oil after the shelf life is not suitable for consumption

Some families are accustomed to buying a lot of oil at a time, or sending it in the unit during the holiday, friends and relatives, etc., and hoarding oil that can’t be eaten for a long time. When it was eaten, it was found that the shelf life had passed. It is best not to eat such oil, because the shelf life of refined oil is mainly maintained by the addition of antioxidants. Once the shelf life is over, the antioxidants are depleted and the oxygen free radicals react at an alarming rate. Maybe after we opened the bottle cap, we haven’t smelled the rancid smell, but the oxygen free radicals filled in it are not smelling. So don’t feel bad about those things, you must throw them away for the health of you and your family.

7.the oil bottle should be replaced frequently

For the convenience of many people, the oil in the oil bottle is used up and then poured into new oil for repeated use. But, do you know that the oil remaining in the lid and the mouth of the oil bottle has been partially oxidized during your repeated use. If you always use the same bottle, it will affect the quality of the new oil, just like the introduction of the steamed bread – the sourdough, will greatly accelerate the oxidation and rancidity of the new oil.

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