Oil squeezing method for oil press:

Oil press machine can squeeze kinds of material in the daily, such as peanuts, rapeseed, oil anemone, flax seeds, pepper seeds and so on, the following is the pressing process of rapeseed, peanut.

Rapeseed squeezing method: Rapeseed split cold squeezing and hot squeezing, in order to improve the oil yield and the quality of oil, generally hot squeezing mainly. The process is as follows: 1. Cold pressing: Screening–rolling embryo—pressing

  1. Heat squeeze: Screening–rolling embryo-steamed fry—pressing

LY-129 HOT&COLD oil press machine



Technical Parameters

Machine Model: LY-129

Voltage: 220v 

Power: 2000W

Net weitht:55kg

Gross Weight: 70 kg

Capacity: 20-30kg / h

Dimensions: 55*28*71CM

Packing size:65*43*79CM


Cold press: At first, screening the rapeseed and remove impurities, then check the water content of rapeseed. In the absence of testing equipment can also be tested: with nails to squeeze the rapeseed, if can hear sound, and divided into two pieces, and have oil leakage is most appropriate, if the rapeseed into powdery is too dry. Rapeseed is too wet to turn into a cake. Need to add 2.5%~3% water when the seeds are too dry, and wait a moment, the put into the oil press machine for squeezing. General squeeze two times is ok.

Hot press: At first, screening the rapeseed and remove impurities, and put into the pressure embryo machine to squeeze the embryo, then put the embryo into the steamed frying pan for fry, in the process of frying seeds, add 2%~3% water in the pot until the fried seeds become brownish yellow, the temperature 110~120℃ is the most appropriate, and then put the rapeseed into the oil press machine for oil extraction.

(Chamber & screw)

The method of peanut squeezing: peanuts can be hot squeezed and cold squeezed, But most of people mainly hot squeezing generally. Cold squeezing effect is not as good as hot squeezing.

 Hot squeeze should crushed the peanuts and rolled embryos, then put them into the frying pans fried 1.5-2 hours, when temperature reach 120 degrees, water content of peanuts reach about 3% can be squeezed, began to press peanuts after oil press machine temperature up to 85 degrees. This is an important step to improve the yield of peanut to fry the peanuts in a frying pan. First crush the peanut, gradually increase the water about 7%~8%,It can out of the pans and put into oil press machine to squeeze when peanuts fried it until dark yellow.

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