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Now press the power due to improved conditions of pressure and temperature, so the work is very easy and convenient, the first screening of impurity materials, raw material crushing and then add water to soften for about 7-8% into the steamer and steam to 115 degrees pressing the left and right before they join. Cold-pressed oil extraction points and hot-pressed, in order to improve the oil yield and oil quality, generally hot pressing based. Two kinds of process is as follows:

Cold-pressed: Rape – Screening – virgin embryo – rapeseed crushing first screened to the complex, and then check the moisture content of rapeseed, no detection device can detect by indigenous: rapeseed crowded with nails will look, if sound and divided into two, or oil out of the most appropriate, if it is too dry to a powder, if a cake is too wet. If it is too dry will have to add 2.5-3% water, less pause, be pressed directly into the press. While you can squeeze twice.
Heat pressing: raw materials – Screening – virgin embryo – steamed fried – rapeseed crushing will be screened to the complex, and then rolled into the rolling embryo embryo, the embryo after rolling into the steaming wok steamed fried, steamed fried in the process in the pot by adding 2-3% water, to be fried up brown seeds, temperature of 110 degrees -120 degrees most appropriate before the juice.
Peanut press method: hot virgin cold pressed peanut can, mainly hot virgin (cold-pressed extra virgin less effective than heat). When the first hot-pressed or flaking crushed peanuts, and then placed in the steamer and steam for 1.5-2 hours, the temperature reached about 120 degrees, about 3% moisture content to the press, press the temperature reached 85 degrees, begin normal press. If no steamer, also peanuts can be placed inside the wok fried. First crushed peanuts, gradually add about 7-8% water, you can pan fry yellow when squeezed into.

A clean up material is dried by:
Enter the oil refinery feedstock inevitably carries some impurities. Before entering the small oil press if you do not remove entrained dirt sesame fruit, stems and leaves and other debris, they will not only affect the quality of oil and meal, and will absorb part of the oil, reducing the oil yield. If Sesame fruit sandwiched gravel, metal, rope and other debris, it will cause engine wear, etc., induce the production of an accident, the impact of process effect. Therefore, in order to ensure smooth production, must try to remove impurities, high water content of rapeseed individual fruit, in order to facilitate the shelling, drying process is also very necessary.
Many ways to clean up, specifically using different methods depending on the circumstances of impurities. If the impurities contained in the light, such as grass, stems and leaves, etc., can be used winnowing approach, with airflow blown off impurities. If the impurity particles is small, you can elect to remove impurities. For after some size, relative density and rapeseed similar impurities, if they are dirt block, you can rub crushed in the mud, and then screening removed. If the case of iron impurities, may be used an electromagnet or a permanent magnet row separation. Impurity content should be in the following clean up after.
Second, the heat treatment (steamed fried):
The heat treatment is to extract the oil is one of the most important step. Green and moist heat treatment including heating, steam production called blanks or fried blank, blank after steaming and roasting called cooked blanks. Where the green pressed after heat treatment called hot pressing, without heat treatment are known as cold-pressed. Rapeseed is mainly hot pressing. Good and bad effects of heat treatment on the level and the quality of the smooth process of the entire oil and oil yield of oil, meal has a direct impact.
Third, press:
Small oil refineries with a very small rural widely used as a small press, its simple structure, high pressure, continuous processing of materials, low labor intensity, can crush a variety of oil. Because of its circular cage bars jagged curves and taper, the volume of material being squeezed, when driven by the pressing screw and squeeze and squeeze cage so pressing screw changing the inner wall space in the rear of the cage due to pressing arranged a round cage bars, wall pressing cage serrated blanks here by alternately squeezing and relaxing, the preform structure constantly being adjusted to obtain a uniform flip, so not squeeze the oil or less oil squeeze the blanks have more opportunity to fully receive the press. So it’s squeezing effect is better.

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