Oil Cake Treatment Method


Household oil press machine are the tool of choice for household oils, providing us with fresh, healthy oils. While pressing oil, oil cake can also be used to make delicious food:


1 Fish food – oil cake is chopped and mixed with other materials to make a bait.

2 Scallion cake – After chopping the oil cake , add chopped green onion, salt and other ingredients to make the filling. Knead the stuffing in the dough, cut it into a round shape, put it into a pan, and fry until golden on both sides.

3 The oil cake after oil extraction is also rich in nutrients ,and belongs to the degreasing residue with extremely low oil content.

LY-09 —The machine features a second intelligent press, which increases the oil yield by 18%. It can maximize the use of oil, and the oil residue of the pressed oil has the lowest oil content. Pure physical low temperature press, without adding any preservatives, can press a variety of raw materials.

4 Soup – peanuts, sesame, soybean oil cake can also be used for soup , before the porridge is boiled, so that the oil cake is fully soaked, the taste is more fragrant.

5 Bread – When making bread, you can add the oil cake to the bread dough for baking, and the effect is better.

6 Soymilk – You can grind the oil cake and other beans into the cooking machine to make the soy milk taste more mellow.


Household oil presse machine bring us a better healthy lifestyle. Choose a better oil press , please refer to:

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