Method of making coconut oil

Coconut trees are mainly planted in Africa, the south-central part of the Americas and islands of Asia and the Pacific, the yield of coconut trees is very high in these Area. Coconut oil is extracted from dried coconut. Fresh coconut contains 30%-40% oil and 50% water. Dried coconut contains 60%-70% oil and 4%-7% water. Coconut oil has special fragrance. The Philippines is the  largest supplier of coconut oil in the world, followed by Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New and Guinea.

Coconut oil is a special vegetable oil that belongs to lauricacid oil. Lauricacid is the most abundant fatty acid in vegetable oil. With the rapid development of market, coconut oil is more popular in the world than before. For coconut oil, we often see that it will be marked virgin coconut oil, cold pressed coconut oil and refined coconut oil.Coconut oil is also known as VCO, and cold pressing is a process which is relative to hot pressing.

That is to say, the material is processed under a relatively low temperature. The oil we get is called the virgin coconut oil. If further processing is done through refining equipment, then refined oil will be obtained. Then the initial coconut oil and refining will be refined. The different is the former contains more nutrients, and at the same time there is no solvent added to the whole process, so the latter will be better and odorless by refining the color.

Dry processing: Put the dried coconut into the grinder or screw press oil extraction machine, Getting oil from oil press machine is solvent extraction for the second time as a supplement, to recover residual oil.

The high efficiency operation of the screw press needs to be controlled by evaporation and conditioning. The temperature of coconut is controlled at 91~93℃ and the moisture content is below 4% will have low oil production. the dark oil and the coconut cake will have lower oil yield when the water content is below 93℃ and the moisture content is below 3%.The fine particles screened and precipitated should not exceed 10% of fresh raw materials so as not to form fines after steaming and conditioning.

After press processing: Transfer the extracted oil to the screen and clear the oil tank, the particles are separated. The latter will be mixed with the raw materials to enter the system for reprocessing. The upper clean oil per ton should be mixed with 10kg clay, and then the oil can be obtained through the safety filter, then stored or further processed to filter the coconut. The oil cake is passed through granulation and bagging to the animal feed factory.

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