Maintenance of  Commercial Oil Press Machine


For the sake of better protection for the oil press machine , and to increase its usage quality and extend its service life, the following suggestions should be obey.


(1) The lubrication shall be checked every 50 working hours. The oil cup on there duction box shall not lack oil . The grease shall be applied for the bearing of stretching bolt of squeezing bolt through the hole on stretching bolt. Dry grinding is prohibited.


(2) All lubricating parts shall be protected from dust and other impurities. The oil in the reduction box shall be checked every year. If they are deteriorated, all of them shall be changed.


(3) When the production reduces, or it is not normal to put out cake or oil, the

squeezing bolt shall be drawn out to check the abrasion of squeezing bolt, squeezing bolt and cake outlet. The parts that are worn and torn shall be timely changed.


(4) Residual cakes shall be cleared away after every shift of work and the dust and oil sludge on the machine surface shall be wiped up.


(5) If the machine will be stored for a long time after the production season, they shall be provided with maintenance and the squeezing bolt, squeezing bars and cake outlet shall be removed and washed, as well as applied with oil and put in dry place.



(6) The power switch shall be cut down when to check, repair or change parts.

Maintenance with power is prohibited. 


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