With the improvement of the quality of life, Oil press machine for home use has also become a member of household appliances, more and more family use this new type of electrical products: With the emergence of various food problems, exacerbated the problem of oil security. The traditional method of squeezing oil can’t guarantee the quality of oil. As a result, a variety of brands of household oil press machine appeared, and It’s different of a variety of pressing technology and appearance design.

Our company produces and sells LY-169 household oil press machine is very popular with consumers.

Technical Parameters:

Capacity:            3- 6kg/hr  (According to the material)

voltage              220v

Motor Power         400w

weight              13kg

Material             304# food grade stainless steel

Machine dimension    460*240*190mm

Packing size           560*260*340mm

Product Features

  1. multifunctional home oil press machine for peanuts, Coconut, sesame, soybean, macadamia nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, vegetable seeds, flaxseeds and so on…

2 .The motor is industry motor that it can  continue working for more than 5 hours . We suggest it works for 5 hours and take a rest for about 1 hour. That will be good for the machine.

  1. oil extracting rate is up to 45%, which depends on the oil seed.
  2. easy to operate , clean and move .

Principle of household press

When the household oil press machine is running, put material enters the drain from the hopper. By squeezing the spiral, the embryo is continuously pushed inward and squeezed. Because the material embryo is carried out in the State of motion in the press, there is a great friction resistance between the material embryo with the squeezing snail and chamber under the condition of the pressure of the squeezing chamber, so that the friction between the material embryo micro-material can be created, resulting in relative motion. On the other hand, the household oil press machine because the root circle diameter of the squeezing snail is gradually thickening, the pitch is gradually reduced, so when the squeezing snail rotation, the thread hard material embryo can be pushed forward, but also can be flipped outward, at the same time close to the screw thread surface of the material layer also with the squeezing shaft rotation. In this way, each material embryo particles in the drain are not equal speed, moving in the same direction, but there is also a relative movement between the particles. The heat generated by friction also satisfies the heat necessary for the operation of the oil extraction process, which helps to promote the thermal degeneration of the protein in the material embryo, destroys the colloid, increases the plasticity, and also reduces the viscosity easily precipitated by the oil to  improve the oil yield of the household oil press machine, so that the oil in the material is squeezed out and flowing out of the gap.

LY-169 OIL Press machine output (Just for reference) :

Materials          Efficiency                      oil yield

Peanut             4kg / hr                       1.8kg / hr

Sesame            6kg / hr                       3kg / hr

Sunflower           4kg / hr                      1.8kg / hr

Linen Aberdeen      5kg / hr                      1.6kg / hr

Walnut              4.5kg / hr                     2.1kg / hr

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