LY-1685 Screw oil extractor
Screw press is applicable to individual processing of farm families and commercial cold pressed oil press machine, slightly lower than other types of oil production, but easy to use and the price is lower, LY – 1685 screw oil press machine has overcomed the problems of have low yield efficiency, this oil press machine can use for peanut, soybean, canopy, rapeseed, walnut, cottonseed, and so on.
Structure and operating principle
( I ) Structure
This series of unit are mainly composed of automatic control, heating and pressing, adjusting, driving and vacuum oil filtering parts;

1. The automatic control part consists of air break switch, AC contactor, temperature controller and circuit automatic protection device.
2. The heating and pressing part consists of heater, squeezing bolt, squeezing bolt and assembly of complete machine.
1.hopper 2. Compression nut 3. Locked handle components
4. Oil residue handle components
5. Upper plate;
6. Lower plate;
7. Oil pan;
8. First heater components
9. Second heater components
10. Oil heater

3. The driving part consists of principal axis, reduction gear box, belt pulley and motor wheel;
4. The adjusting part consist of stretching screws, adjusting nuts, hand grip and locknuts

5 The vacuum oil filtering part consists of vacuum pump and pipelines of oil filtering drum.

1/2 Filtering box/drum 3/4. Air control valve 5/6 Oil release valve;
7. Air pipes 8.Oil tank/drum 9. Vacuum pump
10. Oil tank/drum oil release valve
( II ) Operating principle
After slowing down, the power is passed to main axle and the squeezing bolt on principal axle will rotate to push the oil plants between screw threads to continuously advance. And the pressure will become greater and greater for the gradually reduced space between pressing chamber and squeezing bolt and increasing oil plants density. During pressing, heat is generated because of the friction among oil plants grains and between oil plants and parts. So the two main factors for oil pressing technology : pressure and heat are created, which will destroy the histiocyte of oil plants, press the oil spill out from oil thread and push the cake out of the mouth. When the spilled oil flows to the top of filtering drum through oil pan, the vacuum pump will draw the air out of the drum to create negative pressure in the drum. Then the oil is pumped into the drum through filter cloth and the pure oil is obtained for the oil residue has been separate on the filter cloth.
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