LY-1685 oil press operation steps


The operation steps of LY-1685 oil press can be divided into: Before starting, before pressing, pressing, and turning off the machine . Master the technology of oil press machine, improve oil rate and oil quality, and reduce failure.


1 Before starting : First adjust the gap between the screw shaft and the cake, so that the axis of the screw is pressed forward to the edge of the cake, and then 2-3 turns backward, so that the gap is controlled at 0.5-1.0mm.


2 Before squeezing The oil press should be idling for 3-5 minutes, then the oil cake or raw material should be fed evenly and the machine will be heated. When the feed is dry, the temperature of the body can be higher .On the contrary, it can be lower.. The general body temperature is 70-80 degrees Celsius before the press can begin.


3 During pressing :The thickness of the cake should be adjusted slowly. The number of times of pressing varies with the variety of oil. The thickness of the cake should generally be controlled between 0.25 and 0.5 mm. When the work is satisfied, the lever can be moved to lock the adjusting nut, and the feed will be increased to the normal feed quantity. If the cake is not smoothly discharged or stopped discharging, it should stop feeding, withdraw the feed regulating plate, remove the material stored at the feed port, and then slowly withdraw from the spindle to remove the blockage in the press chamber. When pressing oilseeds with high oil yield such as sesame and peanut, they can be pressed twice or three times in batches, with 5 kg in each batch.


4 At work : In each work pressing , oil should be injected into each lubricating Part 2-3 times .After the end of each work, wipe off the oil on the surface of the machine. After working for about 3 months, the two bushings of the drive shaft should be cleaned, the bearing should be filled with butter, and the concentricity of the screw shaft and the press boring should be adjusted. The screw shaft and the cake ring should be replaced if the wear of the screw shaft is serious; When the wear is up to 2 mm, it can be used for changing the surface. If both sides of the oil press equipment are worn, the strip must be changed.

It is necessary to use a wooden rod to diligently feed the inlet to prevent the material from being blocked, to ensure uniform feeding, and to remove the slag in time, and the recovered oil residue can be put back into the hopper to continue pressing.


5 Before the shut-down : The new material should be stopped, but the residual cake in the pressed squeegee should be discharged before the gap between the cakes can be increased to discharge the excess oil slag in the squeezing. After the shutdown, the screw shaft should be pulled out to clean the squeezing and the residue in each gap in time to avoid forming a hard block and affecting the next work.

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