How We Choose High Quality Oil Press Machine


How to choose the high quality oil press machine ? Professionals introduce you to identify the quality of an oil press machine ,mainly in the following aspects:

  1. Observe whether the design of the machine is reasonable: When purchasing the oil press, observe whether the operation of the oil press is convenient. The customer should not only pursue the appearance of the machine but also pay attention to whether the operation of the machine is simple and convenient.


  1. Check the noise level when the machine works: The noise level indicates the quality of the motor used by the peanut oil press. The smaller the noise, the higher the quality of the motor.


  1. Observe the oil extraction rate of the oil press: Because the oil extraction rate is not only related to the oil, but also closely related to the quality of the peanut oil press.


4 Understand the brand and the manufacturer’s after-sales service: more and more users use the oil press, when buying the oil press machine , try to choose the brand oil press, the quality of the oil press will be relatively high, the after-sales service is also good, appear In case of failure, you can solve the problem in time by communicating with the after-sales personnel.

In order to quickly and accurately determine the quality of the peanut oil press, it is necessary to combine a variety of different methods to judge. Leyisi company with professional knowledge and scientific practical servicing perception, we will provide you with safe, reassuring and quality products :

Multifunctional home oil press machine for peanuts ,Coconut, olives, sesame, soybean ,macadamia nuts, walnuts ,sunflower seeds, vegetable seeds, flaxseeds and so on , wait for your choice with the most novel style!

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