How to press oil with good quality

     How to operate oil press machine to extract better oil. Nowadays, if you want to squeeze out good oil, it is inseparable from the equipment and raw materials. whether the sesame oil is clear and how’s the color of oil determined the appearance and price of sesame oil, How to squeeze oil with better quality and clear oil? Let’s take a brief look at the main faces that must be paid attention to when pressing sesame oil:



     First, choose the best sesame seeds, which fresh, full and colored sesame seeds, don’t choose those sesame seeds that have not been used all the year round.

Second, control the temperature of sesame heating. Sesame will be fried to light gray before being squeezed, and there will be a bursting phenomenon. When the seeds are pressed by hand, the oil will flow out. they will be fried with a large fire, the temperature is controlled at 120-150℃. If the seeds are fried good, the oil will Outflow smoothly from cake, the oil will be basically slag-free, and the color of the oil will be brighter.

       Third, the temperature is controlled when the oil is filtered.

       Because the oil filtration effect is directly related to the viscosity of the oil, the greater the viscosity of the oil, the longer the filtration time, and the corresponding filtration effect will be worse. If the oil temperature rises, the viscosity will decrease and the filtration effect will be good and the filtration speed will be fast. In general, there are many centrifugal oil filters, and the temperature of the centrifugal oil filter is 70-80 °C. The user can control the oil temperature before filtering, so that the filtering effect is good, and the sesame oil produced will be more clear.



       Fourth, it is also possible to “hydrate” the oil.

       “Hydration” is a treatment in which impurities such as phospholipids, proteins, mucus, etc. in the oil are separated by heating with water. Adding 1-1.5% hot brine to the machine’s hot oil is fully stirred, which is the “hydration” treatment. Adding salt water can make the fine particles absorb water and become heavy, so that it sinks and precipitates. The hydration treatment can also dephosphorize. The national oil standard has strict regulations on the phosphorus content in edible oil. After the reaction of salt water and phosphorus, heavy salt and hydrogen will be formed. The phospholipid will expand and then increase in volume after water absorption, and combine with phospholipids. Together with proteins, mucus and other impurities, these substances will sink and precipitate when the relative density increases.

       Fifth, other factors

       There are other factors that determine the color of the sesame oil. For example, the sesame variety, the oil press machine  is clean, the effect of sesame smoke elimination and dust removal, etc. If we do all of the above, we must rely on experience. The master craftsman who has been working for many years can always squeeze out the clear and beautiful. The scented oil with clear color, which is accumulated by the experience of the user’s factory time.

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