How To Distinguish the Pressed Oil ?



The real pressed oil ,is produced by pure physical pressing, and is produced through strict oil selection, roasting, physical pressing and other processes. Finally, it is produced by natural plant filtration technology. This process effectively retains the nutrients in the oil, is free of chemical solvents, and does not contain any chemical additives. To ensure the safety, purity, nutrition and deliciousness of the products. It meets the needs of human health and is suitable for long-term consumption.

There are several aspects to the identification of pressed oil:

1 View the label and introduction of the product – the press oil does not undergo high temperature extraction process, that is, it does not undergo deodorization, decolorization , dewaxing , deacidification, degumming, etc., without any chemical solvent residue.

2 Press oil does not contain antioxidants, effectively retaining vitamin E in the oil, vitamin E can play a natural preservation role.

3 Observe the oil concentration, the high concentration of the pressed oil, the oil hanging wall for a long time, the amount of use only one-half of the ordinary oil, from the fundamental to achieve the health purpose of eating less oil, eating good oil.

4 Smell the oil, open the bottle cap, the pressed oil is the natural raw material aroma, the pressing process can retain the mellow raw material to the greatest extent.

5 Tasting the oil, only extract the raw juice of the raw material, the original virgin oil is more delicious and nutritious.

6 Comparing the price of oil – the pressing process has higher requirements on raw materials, so the cost is high, so the relative price of pressed oil is higher.

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