This days some clients ask me to how to clean LY-169 home use oil press machine 

in fact,the English manual is with the I write it again.

LY-169 home use oil press machine

(1) Turn on heating switch and wait for more than 10 minutes and extend the waiting time appropriately during the cold seasons (never turn it off in pressing oil process).
(2) Directly put dry ingredients.
(3) Press the “Squeezing” switch and start pressing oil.
(4) After pressing ends, hold (don’t loosen) “Cleanup” switch for more than 20 seconds, and it will be easier to remove the screw and then clean; if you don’t press the Cleanup switch, when pressing chamber becomes cold, the interior residual slag harden and pressing rod will be blocked in the pressing chamber and cannot be taken out for cleaning.
(5)In case of power outage during the process, please turn off the start switch, and unplug power plug at the same time; continue to press after turning on the heating switch for more than 10 minutes when power is connected.
(6) Clean: remove pressing chamber and clean it with edible detergent and water.
(7) Pull out the power plug and store the machine in a dry place.
(8) The pressed oil will automatically separate after storing for a night under room temperature 15 degrees above and does not need to filter.
In the process, sometimes materials form aerial state in the feeding port because raw materials are damp, or the surface is not smooth, you can gently touch the raw materials.
Notice: never put fingers or hard objects such as metal bar into the entrance to the chamber to stir raw materials.

Note: Olive oil pressing: must remove the core seed and cut the fresh olive into pieces of peanut size, then Dry fresh olive by sunshine or use microwave oven to heat it 5-6 minutes before feed into this machine.
Cleaning process

1, First shut off the power and power plug, then pressing chamber remains heat; wear cotton heat-protective gloves so as to prevent burns, or wait for more than 30 minutes so as to let the pressing chamber cools down completely.
2,Take out the pressing rod andclean it with paper or cloth; rinse and clean the pressing chamber with water.
3, Never clean with acid, alkali, soda, and salt water; the more raw material moisture content is, the tighter the raw material slag sticks to screws, more difficult it is to wash, and you can cut it off with knife; in addition to pressing chamber, other parts are forbidden to enter water or any other liquid; after cleaning, promptly wipe or blow the water on pressing chamber with hair dryer before storing.

cold press olive oil machine


How to store the oil
after putting in room temperature above 15℃ for one night, oil and thick liquid will separate automatically, and it does not need filtering; the longer it is placed, better separation effect is; after they are completely separated, bottle it and put into fridge, or keep it at room.

Most of oil press machine is easy to clean. bigger machine manual is similar. if some people have other question,just send email to me,I can ask worker to provide some working video,and it will help you understand the working progress.


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