How to choose coconut oil

1. Look: the appearance should be white, wide mouth glass bottle
Coconut oil is condensed below 20 degrees. The color of high-quality coconut oil should be white, slightly yellowish, but it is inferior if found to be yellow. In generally, it’s easy to use and store when coconut oil is liquid at room temperature in summer. However, when the temperature is low in autumn and winter, it will turn into a solid state and cannot be poured out. Therefore, It is best to directly purchase a wide-mouth glass bottle at the beginning for convenient to use the spoon in the future. and the glass material will not affect the quality and freshness of the oil.

2. Smear: easy to absorb on the skin
Although coconut oil will be condensed less than 20 degrees, but the our body temperature is about 36 ~ 37 degrees, so the coconut oil will recovers the form of liquid oil immediately when it comes into contact with the skin. Coconut oil press machine,If you can try it at the time of purchase, it is recommended to use a little rub on the back of the hand. You should feel the texture of the high-quality coconut oil immediately, which is very smooth, easily absorbed on the skin and not sticky. After the coconut oil is absorbed by the skin. The tactile impression of skin will be quite tender.
3. Eat: light coconut smell, taste smooth and delicate
A bottle of high-quality coconut oil must be made from 10 coconuts with at least 10 hours of fermentation separation and many other manual procedures, so the final result is affected by the quality of the coconut. when you put coconut oil into your mouth is quite refreshing, if there is too strong coconut flavor, it may be added artificial spices, the tongue will not lie, Natural things give people a feeling of comfort.
4. Read: precious lauric acid content and certification mark on the label
Many people don’t know why they want to eat coconut oil. Besides, medium-chain fatty acids are not easy to accumulate and are not easy to gain weight. The most important thing is that coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which is difficult to ingest in general diet, and it is also important in human breast milk. Lauric acid is anti-inflammatory and anti-viral, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and has therefore set off a wave of oil simmering (also known as oil sputum method). Generally, the lauric acid content in coconut oil is about 47%. Currently, the commercial product of coconut oil has a lauric acid content of more than 50%. If the content is not high or not indicated, it is usually consumed or not up to standard during the separation process.
In addition, coconut oil has just emerged. At present, there is no internationally credible certification mark among coconut oils without the “brand name” blessing, which has become an identity card for coconut oil. In order to purchase better quality products, in addition to the commonly used organic certification / cold press virgin labeling, and the common FDA food certification, in recent years, a food stamp called “KOSHER” is also popular internationally. Refers to Jewish-certified clean food. This certification is regarded as Hermès in the label industry. It must be obtained from strict inspection standards from raw materials to finished products to the production line. Therefore, the value of certified goods is relatively credible,Coconut oil press machine

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