Commercial oil press machine – LY-1685


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LY-1685 is a new generation of high-efficiency and energy-saving oil squeeze equipment. It is mainly composed of electrical control, automatic heating, adjustment, transmission and vacuum oil filtration. The snail is made of alloy steel by carburizing to enhance surface hardness and wear resistance; the squeezing is ground by a surface grinder to ensure the accuracy of the oil line and improve the oil yield.



Its characteristics are as follows :

1, High degree of automation

LY-1685 multi-function screw press is a combination of heating, oil extraction and oil filtering. It is fully automatic operation. The raw materials can be pressed into the machine to squeeze oil. It is simple and convenient, and improves work efficiency.

2, Automatic temperature control, easy to operate

The oil temperature roasting, squeezing oil, and oil filtering have strict temperature requirements. The LY-1685 hot and cold multi-purpose screw press machine  is equipped with an automatic temperature control system, which makes the operation easier and more automated.

3, Multi-stage pressing, high oil yield

 The LY-1685 screw press adopts multi-stage pressing, which increases the pressure point, carries out multi-stage propulsion, strengthens the pressing degree of raw materials, improves the oil yield .

4, The chamber transformation, the design is reasonable

The traditional design of the inner groove of the press is unreasonable, resulting in the oil not flowing out, and many are wasted. The LY-1685 screw press has been modified for the squeezing, and the inner groove design makes it easier for the oil to flow out, which further improves the oil yield from the hardware.

5, Pure oil

The automatic screw press adopts a variety of fine filtration system devices to realize the integration of the actual filtration, improve the automation degree of the oil press, and solve the problem of oil purification.

6, all-round pressing, multi-purpose machine

The machine can extract a variety of oil crops such as peanut, rapeseed, sesame, soybean, cottonseed, oil sunflower, flax, tea seed, Tongren, pepper seed, pepper seed and corn germ .


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